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Jay Rosario - Tayo Nalang (Audio)

Recorded @ Laguna Boomin
Instrumental By: Clinxy Beats

Calvario Rhyme Spirit Production

All contents Copyright © 2021. Reserved for CRSP Official.

Turbo Goth - Morning Swim (Official Audio)

Morning Swim - Turbo Goth (Official Audio)

Copyright 2009 Lilystars Records

Skwat - Pakitaan Ng Pangil (Official Audio)

Title: Pakitaan ng Pangil
Artist: Skwat (Dello/Zikk/Santo)
Album: Pakitaan ng Pangil
Beat by Siobal D
© 2021

Meg Zurbito - Pasensya Ka Na (Official Audio)

Official audio of Meg Zurbito's "Pasensya Ka Na"

© 2020 Ivory Music & Video, Inc.

Skwat ft. Yansumi - Skwater Ka Rin (Official Audio)

Title: Skwater Ka Rin
Artist: Skwat feat. Yansumi
Album: Pakitaan ng Pangil
© 2021

Range - Kahit Dina Masaya (Audio)

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by : SPR RECORDZ (Raymund Ducay)
Produced by : TROYBEATS
Artwork. By: Christopher Jhon Celis

Cean Jr. - YK (Official Audio)

The official audio of "YK" by Cean Jr.

Composer: Cean Jr.
Producer: Cean Jr.
Arranger: Cean Jr.
Mixed & Mastered by: Emil Dela Rosa
Guitarist: Martin Riggs
Recorded by: Cean Jr.
Recorded at: O/C Records
Publisher: OC Music Publishing

Cean Jr. is a singer-songwriter-producer who mixes his reality and fantasy in writing soulful and melodic songs.

Jarlo Base - Honey Mae (Official Audio)

Composer: Jarlo Bâse
Arranger: Jarlo Bâse
Producer: Jarlo Bâse
Recorded By: Jarlo Bâse
Recording Studio: *Recorded in Jarlo Bâse's apartment*
Mixed By: Emil Dela Rosa & Jarlo Bâse
Mastered By: Emil Dela Rosa
Artwork By: Kim

Karl Zarate - Nagmamahal Din Lang (Official Audio)

Official audio of Karl Zarate's "Nagmamahal Din Lang"

© 2020 Ivory Music & Video, Inc.

Jason Fernandez - Baraha Ng Payaso (Official Audio)

Official audio of Jason Fernandez's "Baraha Ng Payaso"

© 2020 Ivory Music & Video, Inc.

Bryan Estepa - Trick Of The Light (Official Audio)

Released January 15, 2021 | Lilystars Records
Words & Music by Bryan Estepa

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Josh Pyke
Recorded at Timshel Industries
Mastered by Josh Schuberth

Bryan Estepa - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo & Toy Piano
Josh Pyke - Bass, Guitars, Synths, xylophone & Percussion
Russell Crawford - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Jadey O'Regan - Piano & Organ

Cover Art by Talk.Ink
Copyright 2021 Lilystars Records

ALYSSA - Huli (Official Audio)

The official audio of "Huli" by ALYSSA

Composer: Alyssa Janine Cruz
Publisher: O/C Music Publishing
Producers: Alyssa Janine Cruz, Martin Riggs O. Nunez, Kean Cipriano
Arrangers: Alyssa Janine Cruz, Kean Cipriano
Recording Studio: Home Recording
Mixed by: Alyssa Janine Cruz
Mastered by: Neo Recasata
Recorded by: Alyssa Janine Cruz
Extra choir background vocals:
Natun, Raf Bernardino, Jamae Reotan, Guianne Mallare, Albert Raqueño, Romainna Santos, Rau Obispo
Cover art by: Albert Raqueño

ALYSSA is a busker/singer-songwriter whose crafty melodies and lyrics reflect her innate soul and passion—to connect with her listeners and make them feel at home.

Range ft. Jasper - Hasil Hard (Audio)

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by : SPR RECORDZ (Raymund Ducay)
Produced by : TROYBEATS

Khenzo x Nik Makino - Hindi Kayang Masabi (Audio)



Callalily - Ilaw (Official Audio)

Composed by: Anna San Juan
Produced by: Callalily
Publishing: OC Music Publishing, Inc.
Mixed & Mastered by: Emil Dela Rosa
Cover Art by: Albert Louis Raqueño

Blast ft. Xent, Poison 13 & Cauley - SKLM (Audio)

SKLM - Blast ft. Xent, Poison 13, & Cauley (prod. by Blast Beats)


Blast ft. Antimano & Ale - Sentiero (Audio)

Sentiero - Blast ft. Antimano & Ale (prod. by Blast Beats)

M Zhayt

K-Ram | Hans | Blast | M Zhayt - Hard to Get (Audio)

Hard to Get - K-Ram | Hans | Blast | M Zhayt

Arthur Nery ft. Jason Dhakal - Happy W U (Official Audio)

The official audio of "Happy W U" by Arthur Nery feat. Jason Dakhal

Composed by Arthur Nery and Jason Dhakal
Published by Viva Music Publishing, Inc.
Produced by Yuuki Kawano, Axel Fernandez and Mark Glenn Guingao
Arranged by Arthur Nery and Jason Dhakal
Piano by Sherwin Dacuyan
Guitars by Sean Dacuyan
Backing vocals by Shannen Dacuyan
Recorded by Mark Glenn Guingao at 9K Studio

The Bloomfields - The Kids Are Out (Official Audio)

Appears on IN REVERIE: A Lilystars Christmas Compilation album.
Released on December 18, 2020

Written, Produced and Performed by The Bloomfields
Rocky Collado - drums. vocals
Lakan Hila - lead guitars, backing vocals
Dino Pascual - guitars, backing vocals
Louie Poco - bass

Mixed by Lakan Hila
Mastered by Chrisanthony Vinzons

Copyright 2020 Lilystars Records