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Kanishia - Never Feel Pretty Lyrics

You can work out all you want
Try to fix your face all you want
Change your clothes, oh anything you want
But insiiiiiiiide you’ll never feel pretty

You can blame the world all you want
For not getting everything you’d ever want
Put the blame on him all you want
But inside you’ll never feel pretty
You’ll never feel pretty

Cause pretty it just can’t hide
It radiates inside
So you can keep on trying
But not if you’re still a little bitch inside

You can post them pics all you want
And get all the likes and hearts you want
But if all you do is tease and taunt
Then insiiiiiiiide

You’ll never be pretty

Kanishia - Never Feel Pretty (Lyric Video)

Never Feel Pretty
Performed by Kanishia
Words & Music by Marion Aunor
Produced by Jonathan Manalo & Jack Rufo
Arranged by Jack Rufo
Live guitars by Jack Rufo
Mixed & Mastered by Jack Rufo
Executive Producer: Roxy Liquigan

Star Music Digital Production Team
Digital Content Producer: Jean Gonzales
Graphics and Cover Art: Mark Marcos
Digital Support Specialist: Ice Almazan
Head, Digital Content Production: William Garcia

ADProm Head: Jeff Victoria
ADProm Specialist: JP Guan
Social Media Specialist: Naomi Enriquez

Published by Star Songs
Head, Star Songs and New Media: Atty Marivic Benedicto
Officer, Music Publishing: Beth Faustino
Specialist, Music Publishing: Ma. Luisa Ponceca
Digital Publisher: Jam Esquillo

Label Head: Rox Santos
Creative Director: Jonathan Manalo

Executive Producer: Roxy Liquigan

Copyright 2021 by ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.