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Mikey Bustos - Pinoy Ako, Filipino Lyrics

I was born and grew up in another country
But I always felt so different never really knowing why
Did my best to try to fit in, and oh yes
I even tried to deny my own heritage inside

But every food I taste
Every PSST I make
Every party I feel myself inside
There's a blood that runs, pride from where I am
called the Philippines

Where the sun meets the waves, trees and mountains
It calls me, Pinoy ako, Filipino
Where the heat warms your heart by the sea lies my country
Pinoy ako, many reasons to be proud to be Filipino

My country, over 7000 islands
Filipinos on these islands
Laugh with heart and smile
Food like you have never ever tasted
Adobo and halo-halo, come let us shave the ice

We respect elders and when times get tough
We just work harder, 'till we're up on top
We are welcoming, hospitality of the Philippines

In a land where they say Mabuhay
It reminds me, pinoy ako, Filipino
In the land of many generations before me
So beautiful, I am a Filipino at Pinoy ako

It's my chocolate skin, smiling eyes
So good looking, in my barong
Dance with bamboo
We can travel afar , start a new life in new countries
Filipino, deep in my soul

Mikey Bustos - Something About Us Lyrics

Oh, yes

Before you my world was dark
Love was a ghost inside my heart
But out of nowhere you came
And I was revived
When you said the words “I love you , babe”
I saw a new me, with new eyes I saw your love to be
I felt things for you I’ve never known me to feel
I felt a new hope
And it healed all hurt from ages ago
It was always easy, it was always right

There’s something about us
That makes me feel you are the one
There’s something about us
Shining brighter than the sun
There’s something about us
Something about you and me
There’s something about us
That lives on for eternity

Yeah, yeah

Been down many roads of love
Lovers came and went, and broke my heart
Now I know they strengthen me just for you
The one my soul chose for me from the very start
No one else comes close to you, my baby no, no, no, no
No one else can kill a love this aive
I just can’t believe this has all happened to us suddenly
I just wanna hold you for all time

There’s something about us
That makes me feel you are the one
There’s something about us
Shining brighter than the sun
There’s something about us
Something about you and me
There’s something about us
That lives on for eternity

Babe, don’t fear, close your eyes
Just close your eyes and feel the place
Here deep inside
Look deep inside
You’ll find out why

There’s something about us
Something I feel when I look in your eyes
There’s something about us
Life is perfect for me when you’re mine
There’s something about us
Yeah, it’s something about how I knew
There’s something about us
Love will lead me back to you, back to you
There’s something about us
Something about the way we kiss
There’s something about us
Never felt a love like this
There’s something about us
That tells me when we die we’ll be
There’s something about us
Still calling each other my baby, woah

Makes me feel you are the one
Shining brighter than the sun
Something about you and me
That lives on for eternity

Mikey Bustos - All I Need Is Me Lyrics

Lyrics Not Available

David DiMuzio & Mikey Bustos - Esperanza Lyrics

I love the way you dance your slow sweet tango
I fall a little faster every turn
I'm look'n for the exit but I know I'll never learn
And I can see the jury's long adjourned

I love it how you don't fight to be noticed
And I can see you long for something true
It's in the way you move your lips to songs of true devotion
It's how you find a way to make it through

Esperanza, you dance into my view
The rhythm frees the dream that burns inside you
The light is on ya' it's catching every move
And baby you've got nothing left to prove, Esperanza

I love the way your hair spills down your shoulders
You look at me as if I'll always win
But I can see there's so much more behind your eyes to open
A symphony composed of hearts you've stolen

Mikey Bustos - I Won't Ever Love Again / Ayoko Nang Magmahal Lyrics

Verse 1:

Here we are standing at a crossroads, trying to decide a path for each of us to follow, cuz u feel ur happiness might be some place that doesn't include me, well thru the fights and tears, the scars and noise, and under all the hurt we both are feeling...
God made our hearts locked for someone to open, but u had the key when nobody could open it but you, noone else but you. How could u say you'd be happier without me in light of our best times oh dont u remember how I, I said our love won't die.


Mahal kita baby.
If it's not your lips im kissing (Mahal), if it's not your hand I'm holding (Mahal), if it's not your love I'm feeling (Mahal ko), I won't ever love again. (My love)
Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang kapiling ko (my love) , kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang kalambing ko (my love), kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang mahal ko (my love), ayoko nang magmahal.

Verse 2:

Mahal, nang ikay makilala, ang buhay ko ay sumigla at sanay di mawawala sa piling ko. Sabihin mo sakin kung paano ako mabubuhay kung hindi ka na kapiling paglisan mo, sanay di na dumating.
Langit ang diyos tayo di magwawalay ang pagibig natin ay sa diyang tunay, ay sa diyang tunay. Oh yeah! Langit ang buhay mahigpit ang yakap labis ang ligaya, na darama mo ba? Na darama mo ba?


Mikey Bustos - Crazy Lyrics

I've been thinking about what you said last night
Don't wanna believe what I heard
Could I have heard wrong
Please tell me you'll stay
Please don't go away
Was planning to spend my life with you
Now you're leaving, what will I do?

I need you in my arms. Girl, it's just been too long.
What have I done to deserve this?
Was it I treated you wrong?
In my heart you belong, no reason to go on
You will always be the love of my life

Am I crazy for wanting you the way that I do?
I told you I love you so why would you want to
Leave me without a love of my own
Am I crazy for loving you?

How can you forget all that we've been through?
Is there a reason why? Is there something I didn't do?
Could he give you his heart? Could he share his dreams with you?
Baby, you know inside your heart you and I were meant to be

I need you in my arms. Girl, it's just been too long.
What have I done to deserve this?
Was it I treated you wrong?
In my heart you belong, no reason to go on
You will always be the love of my life


You're the one that I need in my life
Stay by my side, woah,
If you believe in our love
And you know inside you heart
Girl, you know. Yes, you know this love is real.

Mikey Bustos - Filipino National Heroes Rap Lyrics

Mikey, aren’t Filipinos practically Spanish?
Excuse me?
Well, you have a Spanish last name?
Oh yes, Spanish Royalty: Bustos, Duke of Spain
Uh… I mean, no Frank
Filipinos are not a kind of Spanish
In fact, check out our Philippine heroes

I’m Lapu Lapu, machete na guapo
Bold and a king so they called me “Datu”
Who is that I see talking to our fellow tribesmen?
Ferdinand Magellan and his men from Spain
Teaching their religion Catholic Roman
I’m now like Spanish
No, you’re Visayan!
Time to wage war on Ferdinand’s men
Let’s kill him with our weapons here in Mactan

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda
Jose Rizal
Almost four centuries still ruled by the Spanish
We’re executing you
‘cause I’m anti-colonial?
Your “Noli Me Tangere”, “El Filibusterismo” poems
Cause rebellion against Spain!
Oops! Did I start a Spanish Revolution?
Ready! Consummatum est Aim!

We are the revolution KKK. Fire!
Rizal, your death won’t go in vain!
I’m Andres Bonifacio, Republic Tagalog
President and the Great Plebeian
Co-founder and Supremo of the Katipunan
The Father of the Philippine Revolution
Our secret society of Filipino militants
Hopes for a Philippine free from Spain!

I’m Marcela Agoncillo seamstress
I’m in Hong Kong to escape the stress
Then General Emilio Aguinaldo requested
To sew a flag that best represented
The Philippines. Look oh! Isn’t it bente?
A sun, three star, there’s blue and red
In accordance to General Aguinaldo’s design
I’m Mother of the Philippine Flag, ok?

Apolinario Mabini, first Prime Minister
Of the Philippines. Hurray we’re free! Mabuhay!
Brains of the Revolution, now work in government
Despite loosing my legs to polio disease
I’m an American, we’ll show you burgers,
Get rid of siestas, and re-educate!
Pssh… talk to the hand what next? Lemme guess
You wanna make Philippines a US State?

General Luna, born in Manila
Even if I am an Ilocano
Filipino General fought in the Philippine-American War
Let me intro you to the “Black Guard”
‘Luna Sharpshooter’ that “Luna Defense Line” they’re like woah!
With military science I trained these men
To catch Americans like Pokemon Go!

So you see, Frank
We, Filipinos are not Spanish
We’re not like Americans
We’re not like anybody
We are our own people
Independent and free
We have heroes to thank for that
And we cannot forget
How we became the Philippines
Oh that’s kinda cool, Mikey
And don’t ever forget it

Mikey Bustos - Revive Our Love Lyrics


Come back home (2x)

Im thinking about how people used to say
Just look at those two love birds spending the time away
Like nothing ever mattered
Im thinking about how I would hold your hand
And whisper my sweet nothings in your ear
Forever was ours that was the plan that we
Never followed through like were supposed to do
Now you’ve found somebody else
I know don’t compare to me
The one who won your heart and wants to make a new start
Let me be the one to show you, girl

Take us back to the sweet dreams of
All of our dreams of love
When you and I were together
(Girl, we were) True love lasts forever
And when he finally disappears
Just know you can find love here
Its time to revive our love

I know you hold on to fears that relive the past
But the past is exactly that and for that I’m telling you I’m sorry
‘cause its time to move on and start a fresh new page of a chapter
Happily after all this time apart
The hurting is over, my heart’s taking over
‘cause I’ve made my mistakes, a million and one to date
And now you’ve found somebody else
We both know ne aint like me
The one who made you happy
Almost effortlessly
Bring life back to the love

Take us back to the sweet dreams of
All of our dreams of love
When you and I were together
(Girl, we were) True love lasts forever (girl, we were together)
And when he finally disappears
Just know you can find love here
Its time to revive our love
Time to revive our love

And when the moment comes
You realize he’s not the one that made you feel inside
That love you felt when you and I were one
I look at you and him
You’re two not one within
It’s so plain to see
Your love was meant for me

Take us back to the sweet dreams of (Baby, take us back)
All of our dreams of love (Baby, take us back)
When you and I were together
(Girl, I love you, I love you) True love lasts forever
And when he finally disappears (Oh)
Just know you can find love here (Baby, baby, baby please)
Its time to revive our love (Its time to revive our love)
Time to revive our love

Im thinking about how people used to say
Just look at those two love birds

Mikey Bustos - Letting Go Lyrics

Can I forgive you?

Days gone by
Reliving the battles I fought last
Time passes by
In my mind
Like the storms that travelled from distance skies
And the knife that I brandished for years
To bring you anguish and to bring you tears
By way of the voodoo doll on my wall
To make you feel all I felt from my fall

It no longer brings me pleasure
As much as it used to do
I’ve realized it was just a war with an idea
And nothing to do with you

I’m letting go
No more blame
Baby, I’ll be washing blood from your name
I have learned forgiving one, don’t mean that they’ve won
And doesn’t mean I condone what they’ve done
The past, is no longer holds me captive, I’m stronger
I’m reclaiming my power to recover
Ant the burn has subsided, memories of your smile
Have taken over the dark in my heart

I’ve been silly to play the game
Waiting in vain
For me to be satisfied
It was just a war with an idea
And something I fought inside

I’m letting go… Letting go… I’m letting go
Ill set you free ‘cause now I see
All this time gave you power over me
I’m so sorry, it took so long
Just to move on and finally get back to me
And so here I stand
Come take my hand
I’m ready to love you again
By letting go

I’m letting go…

Mikey Bustos - Remittance Shop Lyrics

My mom called me today from Pilipinas
She needed money to pay for the hospital
And so I grabbed my coat and umbrella
It was raining on the way to the remittance shop

So here I go to the remittance shop
I had to leave my job and had to skip my lunch
To send money to my Mommy in Pilipinas
I’ll do it all for Mamma I’m going to remittance shop

When I arrived at the remittance shop
The line was super long like for Noah’s Ark
I got inside the shop had to fill paperwork
The pen was so oily I sprayed it to kill the dirt

So here I am at the remittance shop
I got so bored and tired I’m waiting here so long
To send money to my Mommy in Pilipinas
I’ll do it all for Mamma I’m waiting at remittance shop

It’s finally my turn I’m next in line
And suddenly the lady says we’re closed for lunch. What?!
I freaked out like crazy I waited long
I yelled and shouted: Lady, I need to send this money!

So here I am at the remittance shop
The lady closed the shop so she could eat her lunch
I need to send money to the Pilipinas
I’ll do it all for Mamma I’m shouting at remittance shop

My mom picked up the line explained my problems sa kanya (to her)
But then she told me: Ay, wag na (Oh, don’t bother)
Your brother sent me money na (already).
I said: OMG, Ma! Why didn’t you tell me kanina pa (earlier)?
I could have avoided my blow up
How did you get the money, Ma?
Your brother sent it online na (already)
He used this app called Xoom, anak (my son)
Just slide and send it na agad (instantly)

Mikey Bustos - F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O Lyrics

I think it’s so cute and kind of flattering
How you’re trying to guess what race I am and kind of struggling
No, I am not hybrid!
I am 100% F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I’m Filipino
I’m not Latino
I’m not Chinese, no
I’m not from Mexico
I’m not from Tokyo
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

Goatie I can’t grow
I never look old
I speak tagalong
Just look at my nose
If it’s broad you know, I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

First, I gotta say just look at my name
Mikey Bustos may sound Spanish
But there’s many clues that indicate to me
I’m a Filipino, look at my dish
There is so much rice look into my eyes
You will notice the slanted eye slope
Here’s a Pinoy tip I point with my lips
This I why I’m a Filipino

If you can tell the difference
Just get all your Asian friends
Take them to Karaoke
And the ones that don’t stop singing
Are Filipino, our skin is coco
We dance with bamboo
Eat halo-halo
I am macho, no? I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I’m Filipino I eat adobo
I use a tabo
I’m Filipino, I’m Filipino
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

You must understand I eat with my hands
You must grab the rice and pack the meat
Entering my house be shy like a mouse
Remove your sapatos the floor’s clean
Go “bless” to my mom, try to stay calm
She will try to scare you but just know
If you sa “po” she will know you’re cool
‘cause you’re like a Filipino

If you can tell the difference
Gather all your Asian friends
Ask them what’s this for and if they know it’s decoration

They’re Filipino
I bless to Lolo
And I say “opo” for respect, you know
I’m Filipino, I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

My handwriting’s woah!
A brainer in school
The last piece is “NO”
And if I need to
I pull off “ghetto”
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I use tabo, I use tabo (3x)
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
I kuyakoy, I kuyakoy
I close-open, I close-open
Beautiful eyes, Beautiful eyes
“Beautiful eyes!”

If you can tell the difference
Here is the best test for it
Just do this and if they look at you, then it’s no question

They’re Filipino (3x)
We’re Filipino, we’re Filipino
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
We’re born musical
I made the finals
Canadian Idol
I play basketball
Hockey? Terrible!
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
I offer some food to Sto. Niño
Duwende, also
I’m Filipino, I’m Filipino
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

Mikey Bustos - Introduce Myself Lyrics

I wake up early cuz today is a big day
And I need some help from God so I pray
Lord, I super really need you to help me
When I meet the parents of my baby
Cause I’m gunna need a miracle
If I’m gunna get through it alive
In fact, I think I should get a protective helmet
But I really need to be a man
If I really love her then by Pilipino tradition
I need parents permission
To date their daughter I need to walk through hell
And like Harry Potter, I need a magic spell
To be charming to her parents when she takes me home I have to be the one
The man they’ll love to call their son

And so today’s the day the courting process
Means that I must introduce myself
To my parents-to-be they’ll really need to love me
When I introduce myself

To win her parents’ heart, oh this is my hope
Cause I do not want to have to elope
Oh I need to show that I’m intelligent
And that I finished school even if I didn’t
Aha! I will tell them that I’m half Chinese
And my parents own businesses, it’s a lie. Whatever, they don’t
Have to know that I’m broke
And I’ll tell them that I have a car
Even if I really just have a bike
I’ll say I have a driver when really it’s just Uber, on my mom’s credit card
I’m meeting her parents, I need to exaggerate
Cause if they say NO then we can no longer date
So I must do what I can do, need to play innocent, too
If her dad knew, all the things we do he’d kill me!

And this is why I say I’m freaking nervous
Cause its time to introduce myself
Like many guys before, I need to be an angel
When I introduce myself

So here we are knocking at her parents’ door
And I feel like I will faint on the floor
I must remember to smile big when we meet
Because this might be the last time I have teeth
Hello Ma’am / Sir. I’m Mike your daughter’s boyfriend and I’m glad to introduce myself
You never told me that your mom was beautiful and sir you’re not so bad yourself
And now they ask about my life and job I say that I am all SUCCESS and WEALTH
And then they say, they saw my facebook page and know I’m heading home all by myself

Mikey Bustos - Shopping Lyrics

My Mahal (Love) is mahal (expensive)…
It’s the 15th and I know someone’s getting her salary
I try to run and say “Baby, you know I have allergies”
there’s no excuse to escape her favorite activity
she wants to shop all day long, ‘cause she loves it
I can say bye to my plans for that day, I’m her only ride
to buy nice things ‘cause she says
she works hard to get what she likes
cancel my rest, need my best Nike shoes for this marathon
as we go run around spending money

My baby’s addicted to shopping
even flew to Guam for mall-hopping
my baby’s addicted to shopping
and we run around to find stuff all day
it’s like we are in Amazing Race!
We’re shopping

And I’m driving
She’s shopping
Oh, I tried to wait for her in the car
Became a sauna in half an hour!
My feet are hurting but she is still sorting through piles of clothes
She sees new outfits, but all that I see is more laundry loads
Seems she is buying the entire store and they treat her well
she’s like the Queen of Shopping, they’re her servants

My baby’s addicted to shopping
And I

wish this mall had places for napping
‘Cause she takes forever when shopping
she will shop until her wallet runs out
then says “It’s time to use plastic now!”
She says “Baby, let’s buy this bag please?”
But I
say “Buy a fake one in the Philippines.”
My baby is epic while shopping
and she has no shame when she’s asking for
a discount in every single store
We’re shopping
And I’m hungry
Yay! We’re done
Oh and why did we have to park so far?
she stays behind while I get the car
She’s still shopping
But guess what!
Wanna know something?
fills my heart with love when she’s shopping
‘cause I know everything will go inside
a balikbayan box to P.I.
That’s why I love her
and I don’t mind doing it every time
as long as she’s happy
I’m happy.

Mikey Bustos - If Apps Were Rappers Lyrics


We’ re your everyday thug life besties
‘Cause we’re social apps for life, baby
Check it out

Im youtube, your video guide
With trillions of views, looks like TV died
I curate vids that make you laugh
Make you cringe, make you see
With all my tutorials teaching you
Like a Youtube University degree
Let me help you pass the time
Just click ‘play’ and you’ll be mine
Don’t skip that ad, my creators need dough
Be a millionaire if you go viral
No matter what kind of vid you like
I’ll entertain you every day and night
So if you like this vid right here
Click here to sub, comment and share
On any social media anywhere
Including my friend they call “Twitter”.

Tweet tweet #ThisIsASickBeat Im twitter
Just a small tweet no need for bigger
A little tiny bit can express things better
In 140 characters

Look at me! I’m #blessed!
They call me “IG” and im self-obsessed
Selfies and OOTDs, photos on the regular
Your #Throwback Thursday is back
When you were just cellular

Guess what? Who is that?
I own your butt. You own my butt?!
Don’t you know the biggest social networking is mine
Bow down to the number 1 fella online
Make way for the Godfather Facebook gangster
In memory of my ancestors Myspace and Friendster
Go ahead and keep on sharing stuff, chat with your friends
‘cause the day I disappear is the day the world ends

Snapchat, storyteller ako (Im a storyteller)
I got these big eyes, and I suka rainbow (puke a rainbow)
Wanna know what was I doing yesterday?
Well it just got deleted so I cannot say, hey!

Im cool like Tarzan swinging on a Vine
Over and over again, seven seconds to…
Im Viber, im a messeging app
No matter how far, ill send it in a snap
Don’t worry about long distance no more
I’ve got fun stickers and more in my sticker store
He shoots, he scores, I’m the real MVP
If you like NBA, I’m an app now, G!
Im the number 1 app if you’re a big baller
Need some NBA just holla! Holla!

I’m Hooq, watch movies in a flash
I’m a mobile cinema, cost less cash
I’m periscope, bro, I’m the new kid in the hood
I show you real time, like live streem should
Whats good?