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Diego on the Run x Ez Mil x Jae'Roze - Maskara (Official Lyric Video)

Diego on the Run x Ez Mil x Jae'Roze

Lyrics: Aaron Romero, Ezekiel Miller, Jae'Roze Tate
Music: Aaron Romero
Beats: Ezekiel Miller
Performed by: Pab Atienza, Ezekiel Miller, Jae'Roze Tate
Diego On The Run: Pab Atienza, Richie Flores, Kev Foronda & Eron Romero

Studio Recording in four separate locations:
New Jersey - Pab Atienza (Vocals 1st Stanza, Back Vocals)
Colorado - Jae'Roze Tate (Vocals 2nd Stanza, Bridge, Last Stanza)
Las Vegas - Ez Mil (Vocals Chorus, 3rd Stanza)
Los Angeles - Aaron Romero (Back Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Drums)

Mixed & Mastered by Ferdinand Pua

Lyrics Video & Graphics: Roniel Lustico Rivera

Produced by Autumn Rain Records in cooperation with FFP Records & Tate Records. Distributed under Ditto Music, copyright 2020.