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Kean Cipriano - Tayuman (Official Audio)

The official audio of "Tayuman" by Kean Cipriano

Artist: Kean Cipriano
Composer: Martin Riggs, Kean Cipriano
Publisher: OC Music Publishing, Inc.
Producer[s]: Kean Cipriano, Martin Riggs
Arranger[s]: Kean Cipriano, Martin Riggs
Drummer: Rickson Ruiz
Bassist: Harrold Go
Keyboards: Bryan Matias
Mixing and Mastering Engr: Hazel Pascua
Production House:
O/C Studio: Vocals & Guitars Recording
Recorded by: Kean Cipriano, Martin Riggs
This Is Where I Make Music: Drums & Bass
Recorded by: Hannah Jabla
Graphic Artist: Albert Raqueno

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