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Zild - Glyndel Lyrics

Time to time
I can’t hardly believe it that
You are mine
Still I doubt your decision

To love me
I just don’t deserve attention
Please don’t leave
You’re all I need

Everyone is tired of me
Sadness is my ecstasy
I’m overthinking you and me
If this is not reality

You might just be too good for me
I’m just a broken melody
It seems like just a fantasy
For someone to be heavenly

My angel

Lie to me
Tell me that I don’t deserve to
Age with you
Pain is my own medication

Please keep me
One to three
From A to Z

Every time I try to count
I do not see my own amount
You can call me paranoid
A person that you should avoid

My angel

(I’m in love with you)
(You can hurt me too)
I’m scared to lose you
Don’t leave me
My angel in the dark

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